PRESOURCE - Project in brief

Processes and Products

Enterprises and especially SMEs are not aware of their resource utilization, real costs of non- product outputs and the related (cost) reduction potential as well as means to improve it.
PRESOURCE develops the “EDIT Value” tool (Eco-innovation Diagnosis and Implementation Tool for Increasing the Enterprise Value) to enable SMEs in the production sector to identify and exploit within their own organization potentials for increasing the resource efficiency of the production process and products – for the benefit of economy and environment. The tool is half way through the development phase and shall be launched by the end of 2013. It will guide SMEs through a step by step process for identification and exploitation of potentials for increasing their resource efficiency.

An integrated framework for use or RE tools

The "EDIT Value" tool works in three steps. First, potentials for improving Resource Efficiency and sustainability within a business is investigated. This involves a stakeholders analysis, an analysis of material and energy inputs / outputs, as well as in as analysis of product life cycle (step 1). After the identification of aspects, appropriate intervention tools are presented (step 2) and the feasibility of the identified tools is assessed (step 3).



+++ PRESOURCE Conference "Resource Efficiency in Central European SMEs: Opportunity or Challenge?"

The final conference of the PRESOURCE project has taken place in the Goldbergersaal of the Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin between the 12 and 13 November 2014 in Berlin just after the 2nd European Resource Efficiency Forum.

For more information on this event please link to the conference website :