PRESOURCE - Project in brief

Financial Guidance

SMEs have problems in financing necessary investments in eco-innovations in order to exploit their potential to increase resource efficiency. PRESOURCE is mapping and interviewing financial actors in the field of eco-innovations with particular focus on resource efficiency. The aim is to understand and influence investment decisions.

Change the perspective of financial actors

Investments in eco-innovation are often perceived only as “environmental protection” and not as a profitable investment to decrease costs and resource dependency. Also, resource efficient (green) investments are widely seen as risky and connected with too long payback periods. Based on the stakeholder mapping and interviews, PRESOURCE will elaborate a Financial Guideline and a Cost Benefit Analysis, which shall help to translate the “speak” of environmental regulations and action plans into “business speak” and thus facilitate investments in eco-innovations.



+++ PRESOURCE Conference "Resource Efficiency in Central European SMEs: Opportunity or Challenge?"

The final conference of the PRESOURCE project has taken place in the Goldbergersaal of the Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin between the 12 and 13 November 2014 in Berlin just after the 2nd European Resource Efficiency Forum.

For more information on this event please link to the conference website :